Are Spring Roll Wrappers Edible? (Very interestring)

I can eat spring rolls all day. Unlike those who like to eat the fillings, I fall into love with the crunchy wrappers. But here is an interesting question: Are spring roll wrappers edible when not fried? 

The wrappers are what we use to wrap the fillings. This post will discuss their ingredients, making process, and varieties. So, let’s scroll down to discover the secrets behind them! 

Are Spring Roll Wrappers Edible?

The answer is Yes. These thin sheets of dough are made of flour and water. Spring roll wrappers are surely edible since you can eat those ingredients even when they are not cooked. 

There are many types of wrappers used to make spring roll wrappers. Yet, the most popular option is the Chinese spring rolls. But whatever your choice for the wrappers, most of them are edible. 

Chinese spring roll wrappers are thin sheets of dough. In Asian countries like Vietnam and China, they are really popular for making dishes like egg rolls and spring rolls. 

The process of making spring roll wrappers is straightforward. You just need to mix flour, salt, and water, then stir well. Next, brush that batter onto a low-heated pan to form a skin. Once it turns firm and white, you will have a spring roll wrapper. 

As you can guess from the process, you have cooked the batter on the pan. Even before that, the ingredients (flour and water) are safe to eat. So, spring roll wrappers are edible.  

What do spring roll wrappers taste like?

Have you ever tried only spring roll wrappers without the fillings? They have a very mild taste, sometimes bland. That’s why you should add a little salt to the batter. 

In fact, Vietnamese people don’t often eat those wrappers solely. Instead, they act as an ingredient for a dish. That’s why they should be bland. This way, they don’t overwhelm the flavor of the main ingredients. 

What are spring roll wrappers used for? 

With just these bland spring roll wrappers, you can try cooking many cuisines, such as: 

  • Spring rolls 
  • Egg rolls
  • Samosas 
  • Cream cheese and pineapple
  • Crispy topping
Spring roll wrappers are edible 1
Spring roll wrappers are edible

What Are Spring Roll Wrappers Made Of?

A spring roll wrapper is made of different ingredients, such as: 

  • Flour: Flour is the primary ingredient of spring roll wrappers, and there are multiple options. I have checked many recipes online. Most use all-purpose and wheat flour. Yet, some prefer plain flour. If you want the wrappers to be crunchier, add corn flour.  
  • Water: To make the batter, you need to mix flour and water in the right ratio. Otherwise, the lumps will ruin its smoothness. 
  • Salt: Add a little salt, too, to enhance the flavor of the flour. 
  • Oil: You can add oil to grease the pan before brushing the batter. But if you use a non-stick pan, this ingredient is not necessary.  
Ingredients for spring roll wrappers 1
Ingredients for spring roll wrappers

What Kind Of Wrappers Are Used For Spring Rolls?

Chinese spring roll wrappers are the most well-liked option for this dish. Yet, you can experiment with more. I have tried some, and these are the best:

Rice paper wrappers

These wrappers come from Vietnam. Among the options available, they are the thinnest. 

The best thing I like about rice paper wrappers is their simplicity. They just have rice flour, salt, and water. Thus, they are an excellent gluten-free ingredient for my spring rolls. 

Moreover, they are crispy and a bit bubbly when fried. And when not cooked, they are still edible. I like wetting them and then dipping them into sauce. It’s a simple snack that I can eat for hours. 

However, if you want to use rice paper wrappers for your spring rolls, remember that they may turn gummy when left outside for too long. Thus, it would be best to eat them immediately after frying. 

Egg roll wrappers

These wrappers have all the ingredients mentioned in the previous section: wheat flour, water, and salt. They have eggs, too. 

Thanks to the eggs, my spring rolls become really crispy after frying. Meanwhile, the hot oil makes them blister a little bit. They will then turn chewy and crunchy at the same time. Sounds interesting, right?

Different options for spring rolls 1
Different options for spring rolls

Are Spring Roll Wrappers Gluten-Free? 

It depends on which wrappers you choose. For example, if you like rice paper wrappers, then yes. They are gluten-free. 

Interestingly, many wrappers have their gluten-free versions. Most of us become more health-conscious now. Thus, wrapper manufacturers want to satisfy our demand. 

For example, Wonton wrappers are popular for making spring roll wrappers. Their regular ingredients are eggs, wheat flour, and water. Yet, you can choose their gluten-free version made of rice flour. 

What Is The Difference Between Spring Roll And Summer Roll Wrappers?

These wrappers look similar. Yet, I have found some differences between them, such as: 

  • Origin: Spring roll wrappers come from China, while their summer counterparts are of Vietnamese origin. 
  • Color: Summer roll wrappers are translucent. When you wet them before rolling, they will have a white touch. 
  • Texture: Summer roll wrappers are often thinner. They may even shatter upon touch. Spring roll wrappers are thin, too, but more pliable. 
  • Preparation: We often fill spring roll wrappers with shrimp, pork, cabbage, and bean sprouts. Then, fry them to achieve a crispy texture. Meanwhile, we serve summer rolls cold. They have lettuce, carrots, rice noodles, pork (or shrimp), and herbs. 
Summer roll wrappers
Summer roll wrappers

Do Spring Roll Wrappers Have Eggs?

Generally, no. That’s the difference between spring and egg rolls. Since spring roll dough doesn’t have any eggs, they are crispier and lighter. 

However, you can use eggs for your spring roll wrapper recipe. This way, your batter will turn crunchier when fried. The vivid color is another plus. 

Wrapping Up 

Spring roll wrappers are edible. These thin dough sheets can also be a versatile ingredient for many dishes. So go ahead and experiment with your favorite recipe! Don’t forget to include those wrappers in the ingredient list.

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