How to Grow Rice Paddy Herb? 06 Great Steps for This Plant

How to Grow Rice Paddy Herb

How to Grow Rice Paddy Herb? 06 Great Steps for This Plant

Have you ever heard of rice-paddy herbs (Ngo Om)? While being a bit unfamiliar in Western countries, this herb thrives in popularity in most Asian regions – especially Vietnam. Thanks to its bright and distinctive flavor, Ngo Om has been used in many specialty foods, such as Canh Chua and beef Pho! Still, how to … Read more

How To Make Rice Noodles Not Sticky

How To Make Rice Noodles Not Sticky: Best Cook in 2023

Introduction People often love noodles made from rice because of their affordability and texture. However, people don’t know how to preserve it, and rice noodles would stick together. To prepare noodle dishes made from rice, people have to know how to keep the same texture of the noodles. So, let’s explore how to make rice … Read more

How To Make Mango Jelly

How To Make Mango Jelly? 03 Easy Ways For Perfect Recipe

Mango jelly is a popular dessert, famous for its rich nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, which are good for overall well–being. This chilled sweet treat is brimmed with a mouthwatering medley of sweet mango cubes. How to make mango jelly? Many customers are still unclear about this and have wondered about this. So, … Read more

how to make pandan paste from pandan leaves

How To Make Pandan Paste – Easy Recipe In 10 Minutes

Do you know how to make pandan paste? If not, you must refer to this article immediately so as not to miss the great uses of this plant. Not only is it a flavoring and coloring for dishes, but it is also useful for health, beauty, and family care. So why not make a jar … Read more

Delicious ice buttercream mango

Butter Cream Mango – 06 Useful Information You Need

Butter cream mango must be everyone’s favorite dessert, especially in the hottest summer. What is better than serving a cup of luscious and creamy dessert from fresh ripe mangoes? Do not worry when you find it challenging to buy in the grocery store, as you can make it at home! But the question is: is … Read more

Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Vermicelli noodle

Grilled Shrimp Vermicelli Bowl – Easy Way For Noodles

Introduction A bowl of vermicelli with shrimp paste is a staple in Vietnam, which calls for the grilled shrimp vermicelli bowl recipe to be prepared uniformly. It surely makes a straightforward but flavorful dish with a rich flavor and a scent of lemongrass and sesame, mixed with sweet and sour fish sauce. Feeling hungry yet? … Read more

asian vermicelli noodle soup recipe

Vermicelli Soup Noodle Recipe: 03 Best Recipes To Home-Cooks

A combination the soup and noodles is among the most amazing dishes in many cultures. Hundreds of pasta and noodles come from the West to the East. For instance, spaghetti, macaroni, soba, udon, egg noodles, rice vermicelli, etc. Asia cuisine using noodles has a diverse appearance, different flavors, and various cooking methods. However, soup noodles … Read more

Authentic vietnamese beef pho recipe

Authentic Vietnamese Beef Pho Recipe With 03 Steps

The Vietnameѕe diѕh I ᴡant to introduce to people coming to restaurant iѕ Pho (pho bo) ᴡhich authentic Vietnamese beef pho recipe. The main component of a tasty Pho iѕ rice noodleѕ, ѕpecial ѕoup, and ѕliceѕ of beef. In addition, to increaѕe the taѕte of thiѕ diѕh, Pho bo iѕ uѕuallу eaten together ᴡith chili ѕauce, … Read more