What Is A Spring Roll Wrapper Made Of? The Truth Revealed! 

You can head to your nearest supermarket and ask for spring roll wrappers. Yet, if you love cooking, why don’t you try making them on your own? It must be fun when you do everything yourself. 

But what is a spring roll wrapper made of? I have made many times and am glad to share it with you. So, let’s check this guide to see how little things can make your mouth water! 

What Is A Spring Roll Wrapper Made Of?

Spring roll wrappers are made of flour, water, and salt. Some recipes call for oil and cornstarch. These additional ingredients enhance the wrappers’ texture and make them easy to remove from the pan. 


Flour is the primary ingredient to make spring roll wrappers. There are different types of flour, but I often use all-purpose flour for this recipe. 

The choice of flour affects the texture of the wrappers. But whatever your choice is, the flour can help make the wrappers elastic. Thus, you can use them to wrap the fillings of your spring rolls easily. 


Water is important for forming the dough. More specifically, you need it to hydrate the flour and create an elastic batter. 

The texture of the batter depends on the ratio of water and flour. Often, if you use one cup of flour, you need about 1.15 cups of water. Then, stir well until the batter becomes consistent. 

Please note that the dough will turn out sticky if you use too much water. Meanwhile, too little can result in a dry mixture. 

I added very little water to the flour when I first tried this recipe. Then, as I mixed, I gradually added more. So, I could adjust the consistency of the batter. 


Spring roll wrappers are bland and mild. You should add some salt to enhance their overall flavor. Then, they can complement the fillings inside your spring rolls. 

Additional ingredients

A little oil to the batter or the frying pan can make it much easier to work. Imagine the wrappers may stick to the pan when you take them out. 

Fortunately, you can solve this problem by greasing the pan with oil first. Then, your wrappers will be perfect. 

I also notice that some recipes require cornstarch. This extra ingredient aims to make the wrappers crunchier. Consider potato starch or arrowroot flour if you don’t have cornstarch in your kitchen. 

Spring roll wrappers 1
Spring roll wrappers have simple ingredients

What Kind Of Wrappers Are Used For Spring Rolls?

The options are numerous. I have tried many recipes, and here is what I love most: 

Chinese spring roll wrappers

This traditional option must be the best for your spring rolls. When you visit a grocery store and ask for spring roll wrappers, it’s often what you get.

These wrappers are chewy. Thus, you can easily stuff them with your favorite fillings. They also maintain their shape when fried. 

Lumpia wrappers

These wrappers look like crepes. Yet, they are more elastic, stronger, and thinner. All these qualities make them perfect for making spring rolls. 

The ingredients for Lumpia wrappers are wheat flour, water, oil, cornstarch, and salt. The wheat flour here develops gluten when mixed with water. Thus, the wrappers can hold your fillings well. 

Soy paper

If you want a unique ingredient for your spring rolls, you won’t go wrong with soy paper. It has many ingredients, but all of them can complement your fillings. 

These soy skins are fragile and delicate. But when moistened, they become stronger and wrap the fillings nicely. 

Different options for spring rolls 2
Different options for spring rolls

Are Spring Roll Wrappers Edible?

Yes. As aforementioned, spring roll wrappers are made of flour and water. The best thing about these ingredients is that you can eat them directly. 

The flour in those wrappers is cooked well. Although done at low heat, it’s enough to turn the flour into an edible ingredient. So, you can eat spring roll wrappers safely. 

Can I Use Rice Paper Instead Of Spring Roll Wrappers?

Yes. There are many types of wrappers suitable for spring rolls. Rice paper wrappers can also be a good alternative to the traditional spring roll versions. 

Rice paper wrappers are thin sheets of dough. They have the same ingredients as spring roll wrappers: water and flour. Yet, they are much thinner. 

You can use rice paper wrappers to make spring rolls. But remember to lightly wet them. Otherwise, they will shatter. 

Rice paper wrappers
Rice paper wrappers

What Is The Difference Between Spring Roll And Summer Roll Wrappers?

Summer and spring rolls require different wrappers. Check the differences between them, and you can choose the best ingredient for your recipe: 

  • Ingredients: Spring roll wrappers are mostly made of all-purpose flour. Meanwhile, summer roll wrappers call for rice flour. 
  • Thickness: Spring roll wrappers are thicker. On the other hand, wrappers for summer rolls are thin and even translucent. 
  • Texture: Spring roll wrappers are crispy and crunchy. When fried, they turn out chewy. On the contrary, summer roll wrappers are pliable when dry. And when moistened slightly, they become tender. 

Are Wonton Wrappers Used For Spring Rolls?

Yes. Wonton wrappers are a fantastic choice for making mini spring rolls. They have the same ingredients as egg roll wrappers. You can also choose the gluten-free version. 

The greatest thing about wonton wrappers is their versatility. You can boil, fry, or steam them without ruining their texture. Thus, they are popular in soup and spring roll recipes. 

But please note that wonton wrappers are softer and harder to handle than the regular spring roll wrappers. So, do not overstuff them. 

Wonton wrappers
Wonton wrappers

Wrapping Up

The main ingredients for spring roll wrappers are flour, water, and salt. You can also add oil and cornstarch to the recipe to enhance its flavor. 

So are you ready? Head to your kitchen and make delicious spring rolls with your homemade ingredients! 

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